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The truth behind most things you order on the internet

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That’s enough for now

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Three instances of child getting out of bed.

Four instances of dog vomit.

Sufficient for one night’s festivities.

A coffee mug

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for those of us who are completely incompetent without our full load of the good stuff.


R.I.P. Darren McGavin

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“The Old Man” in perhaps the greatest Christmas movie ever: A Christmas Story.

“My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.”
  —Ralphie as Adult/Narrator

Weekend fun…

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if you’re into battling a gastrointestinal bug. This one’s produced feverish chills and some of the more exquiste cramping I’ve ever experienced. I’m afraid to introduce much into my system, anticipating this alimentary evil’s reaction.

What really stinks is it happened on the weekend. No, not because it ruined my time away from work — because it kept me from helping Kath out with the boys. I have a pretty narrow window of time I get to spend with them during the week, usually from about 7:00a to 8:00a and again from 6:30p to around 7:30p. A fair amount of that time is feeding them, getting them dressed or ready for bed.

Weekends are when I really get to play (and let Kathy have some “sanity time”). Thankfully I’ve had some small windows of no chills and no cramping, so I haven’t entirely missed out on that fun. Hopefully Kathy’s sanity hasn’t entirely departed too.


Dear Elena

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Celebrate children and their lives.


Can someone please tell me

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why I’m online helping out our customer support staff at 2200 hours?

Stories from our elders

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David’s story about his grandfather and Egypt, Idaho
reminded me of a
story my dad told me about his childhood.

When my father was 7, he was listening to his family’s radio one evening
in the (very) small town of Conda, Idaho, when the announcer said something
that caused my father to burst into tears. Concerned, my grandmother asked
my dad what was wrong.

“The Germans are marching on Paris!” he wailed. (Note: my parents were
blessed with my arrival in their early forties.)

My grandmother couldn’t help but giggle. My dad was concerned the Axis
were advancing on Paris, Idaho, about 50 miles away from Conda.

[ADD is great. I lept from a snowstorm near Egypt to the Germans
capturing Paris in pretty much one hop. w00t!]


Off-color, perhaps

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but funny, and well-written.

Bob the Anal Fissure

Sorry. I really have a difficult time resisting humor of this nature, even if it is old alt.tasteless stuff.

It’s a wonder she didn’t agree to this…

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I mean, it seems so completely reasonable.

[Note: What’s really sad is there are probably women out there who would sign it.]

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