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Employment agreements are fun!

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Ok, they’re really not. I just signed an agreement at work assigning ownership of all intellectual property created by me in the course of doing my job to my employer. Pretty standard, really, but the initial draft was a little too biased in the company’s favor.

As written, the initial draft assigned ownership of all intellectual property created while I was employed to the company. I write software for this company, but if I wrote a romance novel or developed a new water filtration system, it would belong to the company. I understand my employer’s need to protect its property but the fact that document was presented to me with that clause indicates a lack of respect and/or understanding of what software developers do.



  1. I have such a philosophical problem with intellectual property rights and outside ownership thereof… I understand the principle, too, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wear the company logo on your forehead and get the Vaseline…

    Comment by Erica — 2006.02.18 @ 7:20

  2. I agree with the Viking Goddess. I think that the clause should state something like: “While you are on the company dime” or somesuch. The idea is so implied in academia, that because we don’t have real ‘hours’ per say, that everything we do is essentially owned by the Texas State Board of Regents.

    Comment by David — 2006.02.18 @ 15:33

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