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I’d better not see a line item like this on my bill…

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Matt @ 3:00

Matt over at the [non]billable hour has a tip for sleepy lawyers; a 15-minute nap after slugging some caffeine.

I have one for those lawyers: go home and get some sleep! How much do you think you’re helping you’re clients by processing legalese while extremely tired? Unlike studying for the bar, where you’ll just mess up you’re own life, screwing up your work has the potential to royally screw up your client’s life.



  1. This is the same for doctors…I certainly wouldn’t want a surgeon operating on ME after working for 24+ hours and NO sleep.

    Comment by Kathy — 2006.02.20 @ 9:13

  2. Of course, for ER type work it could very well happen.

    Comment by Matt — 2006.02.21 @ 9:36

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