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Stories from our elders

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David’s story about his grandfather and Egypt, Idaho
reminded me of a
story my dad told me about his childhood.

When my father was 7, he was listening to his family’s radio one evening
in the (very) small town of Conda, Idaho, when the announcer said something
that caused my father to burst into tears. Concerned, my grandmother asked
my dad what was wrong.

“The Germans are marching on Paris!” he wailed. (Note: my parents were
blessed with my arrival in their early forties.)

My grandmother couldn’t help but giggle. My dad was concerned the Axis
were advancing on Paris, Idaho, about 50 miles away from Conda.

[ADD is great. I lept from a snowstorm near Egypt to the Germans
capturing Paris in pretty much one hop. w00t!]



  1. You mean to tell me there are more than one “Paris”, “Montpelier”, or “Egypt”? BTW, my grandmother who is a few years older than your dad, has often asked how you and your dad are doing.

    Comment by David — 2006.02.21 @ 14:12

  2. Yup. Just like there’s more than one “Moscow”.

    Comment by Matt — 2006.02.21 @ 22:17

  3. Oh, and I’ll let my dad know your grandmother’s asking after him (maternal or paternal)?

    Comment by Matt — 2006.02.21 @ 22:17

  4. ADD is great. Your leap didn’t even faze me.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.02.22 @ 3:24

  5. Maternal, my paternal one is gone.

    Comment by David — 2006.02.23 @ 8:49

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