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18 years ago this week…

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Dave reminds me of a tragedy our hometown suffered. Two of our middle school classmates, Devin and Mitch, and another boy a year or two older, Ray, went out in a snowstorm and got lost. Only Mitch survived.

I won’t pretend everyone at SSJHS was friends with everyone else; far from it. But growing up in a small town we had all known each other (in many, if not most cases) since Kindergarten or before. As individuals we’d had our share of loss. David mentions his paternal grandmother when he was nine; I lost my paternal grandmother and my mother when I was six. But Devin was the first classmate we had lost, the first time we faced mortality together, as 8th graders.

And like Dave, I still remember Mrs. Beckstead taking an interest in our class. I hope things have gone well for her since….



  1. I still remember finding out about this – Tammy and her mom had pulled over and picked me up, I was walking home, and when Tammy told me “Devin’s dead” I started to cry, I mean really cry. I barely knew the kid, but it’s like you say, it was facing mortality head-on and irrepressible grief that somebody my age had died.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.03.17 @ 2:03

  2. I remember the day. Devin may have been in your class, but he had recently been held back. He was my age and good friend. I can’t believe I forgot about the anniversary. I still tell my students the story whenever the weather looks to be weird for the weekend.

    Comment by Chad Rawlins — 2006.04.10 @ 4:06

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