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It appears David has tagged me with yet another meme. So, if you can see past my clutter, without much further ado, my innards:

milk, orange juice, four different kinds of yogurt (one for each member of the fam), assorted lunch meat, whole wheat white bread, bread with flax seed, two beers, asparagus, soy sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, Good Seasonings Italian dressing, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, iced tea, lettuce, maple syrup, jelly, and other sundry things I can’t recall.

my “papers” (aka driver’s license), voter registration card, credit cards, IEEE membership card, Carroll County Library card, $24 cash (very unusual), health insurance card, gift cards from Barnes & Nobel and Borders

booster seat, blanket, blazer ($12, so you know it’s quality), tae kwon do gi (to get its second, likely final, use tonight), flip-flops, CDs (two of The Wiggles, one Jamie Cullum, one Front 242, one Jamiroquai [not mine, I swear], and one more..I think Garbage), golf clubs, golf shoes.

Closet: Since I share this with my lovely wife, I’ll limit this to my side.
Pants, shirts that aren’t t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, luggage.

Nightstand:alarm clock, lamp, coaster, and a cabinet full of books I couldn’t begin to enumerate.

As before, I won’t tag anyone else with this meme, but if you care to play along….


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