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A little organic action

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I figure Bookman will have something to say on the following:



  1. One of the current criticizms of “Whole Foods” is that it isn’t really organic….meaning that although all their food is grown with organic practices, they don’t really hold true to the spirit of the movement….supporting local farms.

    Comment by david — 2006.06.03 @ 10:21

  2. As an outsider to the “movement” (why is it a movement, anyway? All that fiber?), I see “organic foods” and “support local farms” as two completely different things: an emphasis on foods produced without the potentially nasty side effects of chemicals and other “efficiency-driven” practices; and keeping local farmers in business, and reducing the number of miles-per-calorie for transportation.

    Whole Foods is a big business, for better or worse. As such, they are going to attempt to reduce risks, including the availability of product and its price. Easier to buy from one supplier than a multitude. *shrug*

    Comment by Matt — 2006.06.03 @ 14:14

  3. Yeah, I dunno. In Moscow we have an incredible–and incredibly expensive–food co-op. I support it when I can. I support local farmers when I can. We have a “Rural Roots” cooperative up here that is connecting local, organic farmers with consumers and retailers (i.e. some of our restaurants serve locally raised lamb, cow, and pig).

    I can only speak for my neck of the woods, but it is a movement up here. But Whole Foods is chic, and whatever is chic is big business. The other problem I have with the movement–and I have blogged about this–is how the so-called movement shuts out those who need these healthy foods the most: the impoverished. There is bite of elitism to the whole thing that makes my liberal sensibilities rattle a little.

    Comment by Brandon — 2006.06.22 @ 8:11

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