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A little help…

Filed under: punchbowl — Matt @ 19:42

anyone out there know where I can get an ark, cheap?

We have some serious “40 days and 40 nights” action shaping up here…nothing compared to the streak Seattle saw a few months ago, but we trying to turn DC into Venice.



  1. Are you guys on notice for evacuation, or do things look a bit better? Isn’t there an earthen dam nearby of concern?

    Comment by Brandon — 2006.06.29 @ 21:32

  2. The dam is about 20 miles south of home…about 3-4 miles ENE of my office. We’re upstream in both directions, thankfully. They lifted the evacuation order yesterday. It’s still seeping, but there’s only the one stream and it hasn’t increased in volume or gotten muddy, so they think they’re out of the woods.

    It was pretty bad, though. CNN had an article on three kids who were rescued, then swept away again, which was about 25 miles E of here. In three days our rain gauge measured over 13″…that’s annual precip. for Soda!

    Comment by Matt — 2006.06.30 @ 6:38

  3. Good to hear you all are upstream. Stay safe.

    Comment by david — 2006.06.30 @ 10:43

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