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Basement accompli (almost)

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We are now a pseudo-hardwood floor installation in my future office away from having a finished basement. Carpet was installed in the rec reoom area today, with toys from the family room hot its heels. The in-laws were fortunate enough to arrive today as well, so my father-in-law had the pleasure of helping me move a couch, a chair, and an as-yet-unpacked media table into the basement.

Tomorrow will probably involve assembling the media table and finding out which ends of the coaxial and cat5 cables in my wire closet go with which ends out in the rooms. Oh, and peeling the eldest off the ceiling down there. Between getting a new playroom and the arrival of his Oma for a brief visit an outsider would be convinced the kid is mainlining pixie stix.


Salvelinus fontinalis

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That’s the brook trout, folks. An appropriate name for a new blog by a fisherman/high school science teacher who used to work for the state Department of Fish and Game.

Currently operating under the alias ‘Vandalhooch’, the author of this new blog is a frightfully intelligent individual. Did you ever have a kid in your high school science classes who would:

  1. sleep through most of class
  2. wake up to the noise of the teacher asking a question of said napper
  3. answer the question correctly
  4. return to napping

without missing a beat? I witnessed such a feat from Vandalhooch as I sat behind him in Chemistry class. I would feel damn near unarmed in a battle of wits with him.

I look forward to some good stuff from his blog.


A “Mr. Mom” day

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My better half is playing host to something that causes fevers and achy joints, so I’m playing Mr. Mom this morning.

So far I’ve fixed breakfast for the eldest (an everyday task, actually) and folded the laundry I started last night. Soon I’ll hop in the (temporarily renamed) Dad’s Taxi for a trip to the eldest’s Tae Kwon Do lesson.

Who know what other fun the day will bring?!?!


I just love electronic medical records!

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Electronic medical records definitely speed things up; like, say, exposure of patient health information.

Don’t get me wrong. I think electronic medical information is, in general, a Martha-Stewart-style Good Thing™. When I travel to Colorado Springs and do something boneheaded, it would be mighty useful for the folks in Erica’s ED to have access to my medical records back here outside the District. The problem is limiting the access to those folks, and only for as long as they need it.


A little something for the parents

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The kind of thing you should keep to yourself…

18 Body Tricks

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body from Men’s Health (via the [non]billable hour)



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adj., the way I feel 300 pages into Wallace’s Consider the Lobster with a list of words I need to look up!

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to crawl into bed with my Compact OED for a little remedial vocabulary lesson.

Books to Read

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Since I’m listing books I’ve read, I probably should list books I’m going/would like to read too. If you have a suggestion, feel free to add it below!

Currently 8 In the Pile (Mentally and/or Literally–it’s certainly not a queue):

You might also check out my list at del.icio.us; it’s probably more current.

Today’s quote

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“Portland’s a great town for beer and bookstores, which there’s more to life than, but only moderately.”
    Tim Bray

Did they run these by anybody?!?!

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From Independent Sources, the top (or bottom) 10 unintentionally worst company URLs.

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