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Books to Read

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Since I’m listing books I’ve read, I probably should list books I’m going/would like to read too. If you have a suggestion, feel free to add it below!

Currently 8 In the Pile (Mentally and/or Literally–it’s certainly not a queue):

You might also check out my list at del.icio.us; it’s probably more current.



  1. “Under the banner of of heaven” is great if you can get past Krakauer’s condescending writing style. It gives great insight into the history of the culture that we grew up in that is oh, so white-washed away…..you don’t want to get me started….

    And Salinger is great as well. I read ‘a catcher in the rye’ last summer here at Toolik.

    Comment by david — 2006.07.18 @ 9:22

  2. All great books. Yeah, Krakauer is Krakauer. Get past him and the book is excellent in terms of substance.

    Comment by Brandon — 2006.07.22 @ 18:50

  3. All right, guys… I admit I’m not the most well-read person. When I do get time to read, I want to read good stuff that I’ll enjoy, of course. And I find that the NY Times Bestseller list et al means doodly to me most of the time (take The Da Vinci Code, f’r instance – like “Banner” if you can get past the condescending tone the ideas are okay – but I’m still pissed off Dan Brown can write so horribly and make so much damn money at it). What typically produces more rewarding reading, however, are the recommendations of people I know and trust. There’s a post Brandon had a while back where commenters listed good books… and now this one here… but wouldn’t it be great if there was one consolidated blog where a bunch of intelligent people (and me) can congregate and opine about what to read and not read??
    I know Blogger allows blogs with multiple contributors… and I’d happily try to set up such a thing… would I get any takers from this end of the blogosphere? My reading list, especially lately, isn’t alone going to illuminate anybody’s life.
    Lemme know.
    That is all.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.07.24 @ 21:42

  4. Actually, wordpress will do the same…

    Comment by Matt — 2006.07.25 @ 8:21

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