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18 Body Tricks

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body from Men’s Health (via the [non]billable hour)



  1. Wow! Those are too cool. And I’m definitely gonna try and use the “cough during an injection” advice at work, see if I can obtain a little anecdotal evidence that it works. And possibly avoid bitch-slapping whiny patients in the process.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.07.20 @ 7:35

  2. Okay, so Day 1 of said research trial? Attempted the “cough while I poke you” twice in actuality. I think it worked one of those times. But man, the looks I got while explaining what I wanted to try: priceless.
    I did pass along to two stuffed-up co-workers the ‘rock the vomer’ trick. I didn’t ever ask them if it worked.
    Turns out, I’m a shitty researcher!!

    Comment by Erica — 2006.07.21 @ 7:49

  3. And that’s why you’re a practioner. Fix it/pass the info along and move on.

    What were the classes I detested most in college? Labs. Take three hours to fiddle with stuff and (hopefully) reach the already known answer.

    Comment by Matt — 2006.07.21 @ 9:12

  4. “Fix it and move on” is the essence of why I love my job. “Treat ’em and street ’em.” Say it however you like, it’s most of the time a series of sound-bites, of short-term solutions… and it soothes the legions of ADD minds that run the joint. And oh yeah, it’s cool to apply high voltages to people sometimes too, or observe when internal structures become external…

    I hated labs too, for that same reason. Exercises in compulsivity and uselessness.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.07.21 @ 20:40

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