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A “Mr. Mom” day

Filed under: home, punchbowl — Matt @ 7:57

My better half is playing host to something that causes fevers and achy joints, so I’m playing Mr. Mom this morning.

So far I’ve fixed breakfast for the eldest (an everyday task, actually) and folded the laundry I started last night. Soon I’ll hop in the (temporarily renamed) Dad’s Taxi for a trip to the eldest’s Tae Kwon Do lesson.

Who know what other fun the day will bring?!?!



  1. Just wait until they get over-tired. Then the fun will REALLY begin. Thanks for everything, hon…you’re the best.

    Comment by Kathy — 2006.07.27 @ 9:19

  2. Kudos to you. Mr. Moms are more appreciated than we let on most of the time…my own has been running this joint while I’ve been working a lot even at the same time of handling his own professional chaos, brought on by stuff like people winning the Tour de France with performance-enhancing substances on board. F’rinstance.
    From all the moms of the world, Thank You. And enjoy your QT with the boys.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.07.27 @ 10:36

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