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Cows in the hospital

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The Scobleizer describes Stanford University Hospital’s “cows”. Really, they’re mobile patient record access points, networked via WiFi, running Windows XP.

Generally, I’m cool with the idea; less handwriting is a good thing, as is more immediate access to changes in patient information. I am curious whether or not the computers are susceptible to the WiFi crack demonstrated at this year’s BlackHat conference.


If nothing else…

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terrorists are creative.


I wish this stuff was made up

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Seems we stoop ever lower with, frankly, stupid restrictions on what folks can do. Yep, taking pictures of anything from an aircraft threatens our security.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
— Benjamin Franklin


39, baby…

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The Smuggler

People Iced: Thirty Nine
Car Bombs Planted: None. Pathetic.
Favorite Weapon Bowling Balls
Arms Broken: One
Eyes Gouged: Twenty Three
Tongues Cut Off: Three
Biggest Enemy: The Canadian Strangler

Get Your HITMAN Name


Just what Caribou County needs…

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another phosphate mine. This one will replace Smoky Canyon, which replaced the one serviced by the Simplot plant in Conda.

Who would have guessed eminent domain law in Idaho would allow mining companies to condemn private lands?


Deep Thought of the Day

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[Author: Unknown]

Some people are like slinkies,
They don’t really have a purpose,
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down the stairs.


Metal By Numbers

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Yeah, he rhymes “verse” with “verse”; its cuz he’s so metal….


I hate summer

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There. I’ve said it. It’s out in the open for the whole world (or the up-to 62 people WordPress tells me read this tripe) to gaze upon in wonderment.

The realization has come to me slowly. I’ve never really been a big fan, but I wasn’t ardently anti-summer either. To be honest, I now think the only thing that kept summer on a neutral footing in my mind the three-month break from school. Well, I last experienced that three-month-break trick in 1996. Even that wasn’t a full break–I, like most of you I’m sure, spent the summer working. As a result, summer has lost whatever glow it had.

What are the negatives for summer? Well….

  • Heat. Don’t like it. We routinely see temps over 90°F; growing up I rarely saw such a thing.
  • Humidity. This is the second part of summer’s combination punch. When partnered with its buddy Heat, Humidity graces us with heat indices over 100°F. The humidity isn’t even that high here. I have a good friend who grew up in New Orleans — his hands get dry and crack in Maryland because the air is too dry.
  • Food. I prefer hot dishes, soups, stews, and the like. These are not summer-time fare.

I’d like to provide more, but I have to go get ready for the baptism of our friends’ son. Nothing thrills me like getting dressed up (which invariably means long sleeves, cretins) for an afternoon ceremony in an old church on a day with an expected high of 90°F. And no, thinking of it as 32°C doesn’t help.


Modern Man…

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The lifehacker's dilemma
The lifehacker’s dilemma
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