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Better late than never, savvy?

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As inspired by Red Grace Cash who posted her pirate name a couple of days late, I am:

Mad James Rackham

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
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Feeling safer each and every day

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<sarcasm>I’m a huge fan of our State Security Apparatus here in the U.S.</sarcasm> I know there are good, hardworking folks — and probably a lot of them — trying to do the right thing while tucked away inside its massive, ever-expanding bulk.

But the experience of Mary Hodder in what can only be described as Security Hell does nothing to raise the stock of the State Security Apparatus in my eyes.

[link via Doc Searls]


“Let’s quit while we are behind…”

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Thus sayeth one Christopher Buckley. Few people have a more Republican pedigree than Mr. Buckley, who was a speech writer for George H. W. Bush and is the son of the iconic William F. Buckley, Jr.. I believe it says a lot when such a man turns his back on an Republican administration.

But he’s not the only one; see Brit Blaser’s A Self-initiated Intervention for more.


Lock and load

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Some people have too much time on their hands — and I envy them.

All out of Lego kits. The little green army men don’t stand a chance!


To not forget

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It’s been five years since four airliners were guided into three buildings and the ground by 19 misguided souls.

I worked directly across from Dulles airport at the time, and lived nearby. Aircraft noise and movement was a constant–until that morning. You could look out from our offices and see the Dulles tarmac, completely motionless. Outside our apartment it was eeriely quiet. The blue sky was naked, its flowing robe of contrails left to rot when all flights were grounded.

I hope you’ve taken some time to pause and reflect on the victims and their families. Not just those killed, injured, and/or left to grieve on that day, but all of us; we are all victims of that day.


A nit for today

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I’m in an annoyed mood today–and I’m also feeling generous, so I’m going to share. Today’s category is Stupid English Style Rules. I believe this only applies to us Yanks, so the rest of the English-speaking world may be off the hook.

The burr in my behind: adding punctuation to quotes when it doesn’t belong.

For example:

“You stink,” she said.

The comma is not part of what she said.

I so detest this rule I ignore it as often as possible.


If you take statins…

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and experience muscle or stomach pain–call your doctor! Kathy’s grandmother is in the hospital tonight. She was scheduled for an MRI in an attempt to diagnosis some severe stomach pain she’d been having; she never got the MRI. She woke up with severe cramping in her arm and leg. Initially the docs thought stroke but now they’re not so sure.

Of course, we didn’t find out until 9:30 tonight. We had a message on our voice mail from a friend of Kathy’s grandparents who hadn’t been able to reach them by phone today. So Kathy called her grandfather and got the scoop. And once again, we’re “Johnny on the Spot”–Kathy’s parents are on their way to Austria as we speak, having left the evening. They have no idea any of this has happened.

And I’m off to bed; could be a long day tomorrow.

Note to self

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Do not mess with ER nurses!


In sickness and in health

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Well, it appears as though the cold that overcame the other 75% of my family has established a beachhead with me. I feel a small phlegm ball in the back of my throat, and a touch of nasal congestion. Whee!!!!!

Making things even better is the fact that Aaron is more-or-less over his cold (being the first one through the gate with it), and is therefore of a mind to resume his normal activity level. I’m not sure Mommy or I are really up for that challenge today. But face it we shall!


I could seriously use this

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At around 2.1 m (6’2″), I’m not abnormally tall, but this sure would come in handy. When I’m first at a light, I’m pretty much always craning my neck to see the green.

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