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You don’t see this everyday in the hometown

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Ok, so technically they found the body in Grace, but that’s close enough…



School bans tag, other chase games

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School bans tag, other chase games – CNN.com

So, how long until we see the bond levies for padded classrooms and helmets?


I do not have time for this

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Do you like science and/or history? Well then, the Royal Society has a deal for you.

Until the end of November 2006 you can freely access the archives of Royal Society publications: over 65,000 papers dating back to 1665. Examples include Newton’s invention of the reflecting telescope, papers covering Faraday’s electrical experiments, and Stephen Hawking’s first research paper.

And after November, if you’d like to continue to peruse, you can do so for the low, low price of GPB £5339/USD $9866 in the USA and Canada.

(Anyone want to give me 5,400 quid?)


Today’s horror film suggestion

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…is here


My thought for 3 October 2006

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A zealous atheist is as bad as a religious zealot.

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