…in the punchbowl


Oh Erica…..

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Have I introduced you to this yet?


Bookman32 where are you?

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(to the tune of Car 54 where are you)

I’m adding my voice to the chorus of those desperately seeking Mr. Schrand. My hope is that his blog has been hijacked and he’s gone otherwise silent because he’s in the grips of the muse….


An early Xmas gift

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My better half presented me with an early Christmas gift this morning: a Carson Palmer jersey.

Why is this worthy of a blog entry? (Have you read my blog? My bar is obviously set pretty low…) As you may or may not know, I am a long suffering Bungles fan. The first football game I really remember watching was the Freezer Bowl, in which the Bengals beat the Chargers (in -59°F wind chill). Super Bowls XVI and XXIII have given me a strong dislike of the San Francisco 49ers. In spite of all this, until today I did not possess a single piece of Bengals paraphernalia. I’d owned bits and pieces over the years; the last thing was a plastic mug with little footballs and goalposts floating in its walls. It cracked and leaked fluid, much like the Bengals defense had cracked and leaked yardage over the years.

But today, my lovely wife gave me the first Bengals jersey I’ve had since 3rd/4th grade (a Kenny Anderson). Thank you, honey. I love it.


Happy Thanksgiving

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I apologize for being remiss in my posts; I have no excuse. But perhaps you were all better off without my blatherings for a while.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all spending it with people you love. Eat, drink, be merry, and yes, give thanks for the things you do have. For most of us, those things are more than enough.


I’ve performed my civic duty

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Used the “safe, secure, and tamper-resistent” Diebold machines we’re graced with here. I didn’t heed the Governor’s call to cast my vote via absentee ballot; I figure the more people who vote with the machines, the greater the probability something will go wrong. The bigger the chaos resulting from the machines failing, the more likely they’ll go away. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against voting electronically, but I am against voting machines with no independent validation and verification.

Am I concerned my vote won’t be counted correctly? Sure. But then again, you should always be concerned about that — has your vote ever been tallied with you present?

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