…in the punchbowl


Oh Erica…..

Filed under: punchbowl — Matt @ 21:29

Have I introduced you to this yet?



  1. Aaaaarrrrrhhh!! It’s killin’ me! I’m at work, and I can get to your blog, it’s the one damn thing of interest that isn’t firewalled. But whatever you’re linking to, is firewalled. So until I get back home at 2 am, I’m stymied. Stay tuned!!

    Comment by Erica — 2006.11.27 @ 22:52

  2. I have to say, though, I’m very proud of you. Two posts in one day!! Awesome!

    Comment by Erica — 2006.11.27 @ 22:55

  3. Wow, you are Evil. I need to go to freaking bed. And yet here I sit.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.11.28 @ 5:17

  4. Evil? Like the fruits of the Devil?

    Comment by Matt — 2006.11.28 @ 7:54

  5. hey. i checked in on the post below. anyone here?

    Comment by Bookman — 2006.11.28 @ 21:37

  6. Yeah, Bookman. We’re around. Welcome back to the land of the living (or should that be lost?).

    Comment by Matt — 2006.11.29 @ 9:46

  7. Exactly like said Fru-its.

    Comment by Erica — 2006.11.29 @ 16:00

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