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Happy Birthday

Filed under: family — Matt @ 9:59

…to the littlest K.C., turning the big 1 today. Still can’t believe he’s been around for 365 days….



  1. Cheers!
    So he’s seven days younger than Madeline! Good times! Of course they (or at least Maddie) won’t think so when her birthday gets strung together with Christmas…

    I see you’re passing down a family name as well. Maddie’s middle name is Beth. You might remember my grandmother by the same name.

    Comment by Bookman — 2006.12.12 @ 23:45

  2. We’ll have a hard time lumping his birthday in with Christmas. His Oma (my mother-in-law) was born on 23 December and zealously defends the two-day separation.

    And we are trying to pass down two family names/appellations with the youngest. Christopher is after his great-great grandfather Christopher Panting (Maddie’s great-great-great grandfather). We twisted the spelling of Kameron is so he would share initials with his Papa who: 1) took a couple of days to realize what we had done with the names when we told him; and 2) was supposed to have the middle name Christopher but ended up with just the C on his birth certificate.

    And yes, I do remember Beth. And having dinner in the cafe when sleeping over.

    Comment by Matt — 2006.12.13 @ 10:34

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