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(Corporate) Culture Clash

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Sorry I’ve been so quiet. My employer was bought out at the end of the year and I’ve been neck-deep in the obligatory transfer of benefits, new people to work with, etc.

The biggest thing we’re dealing with is major-league culture clash. We were small–at the end, just over 20 people. Being that small, corporate policy essentially amounted to “don’t f— up; do what you need to do to get the job done”. In that vein, most of us brought our personal PowerBooks into work; after all, we were most comfortable with them. All the developers had VPN access to the office so we could work remotely (which some did 3 or more days a week to avoid some truly hellacious commutes). In short, the company was flexible in allowing us to do our work and we were flexible in return when the company needed us to do something.

Not so now. Everyone at the new place runs the same operating system (not one most of us are all that fond of); other operating systems are allowed in the labs, but never on the actual business network. There’s a no telecommuting policy; we have VPN access, but it’s only sufficient to get to email and the corporate intranet. It’s a big, international company as well with pretty much all of the people we’re interacting with outside our former company in timezones up to seven hours different from our own.

It’s not all bad. Their medical coverage isn’t quite as good as ours was (ours really was good). They actually have matching in their 401(k) program. We’re actually getting a chance to develop a budget and we’ll probably get to spend most if not all of the money we’re allocated; that had not happened in a while at the old place.

Guess we’ll just have to see how things go, won’t we?


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