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Another day older and deeper in debt

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Ugh. As I write this, I’m sipping bad car dealership coffee waiting for the clerks to start processing the purchase forms on our new car. Yep, it’s not a enough to move, we have to buy a new car as well. Actually, it happened the last time we moved, too; we just waited four months instead of one then.

I shouldn’t feel too bad about things. The Passat was starting on a “rinse-repair-repeat” cycle. And while the much-ballyhooed “German engineering” meant the car held together nicely, it also meant it had to be disassembled to do any repair or maintenance work. Have you seen what repair shops charge for labor these days? That puzzle work before and after the actual repair work can get mighty costly. Add in VW’s recommendation that the Passat drink only the finest of premium petrols and operating costs start to detract from it all.


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  1. Sounds less irresponsible and poorhouse-inducing, though, than a chick I know who — in the span of one month — left husband, bought brand-new car, rented ludicrous house.

    Comment by Erica — 2007.05.01 @ 18:01

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