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School bans tag, other chase games

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School bans tag, other chase games – CNN.com

So, how long until we see the bond levies for padded classrooms and helmets?



Feeling safer each and every day

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<sarcasm>I’m a huge fan of our State Security Apparatus here in the U.S.</sarcasm> I know there are good, hardworking folks — and probably a lot of them — trying to do the right thing while tucked away inside its massive, ever-expanding bulk.

But the experience of Mary Hodder in what can only be described as Security Hell does nothing to raise the stock of the State Security Apparatus in my eyes.

[link via Doc Searls]


I wish this stuff was made up

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Seems we stoop ever lower with, frankly, stupid restrictions on what folks can do. Yep, taking pictures of anything from an aircraft threatens our security.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
— Benjamin Franklin

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