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If you take statins…

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and experience muscle or stomach pain–call your doctor! Kathy’s grandmother is in the hospital tonight. She was scheduled for an MRI in an attempt to diagnosis some severe stomach pain she’d been having; she never got the MRI. She woke up with severe cramping in her arm and leg. Initially the docs thought stroke but now they’re not so sure.

Of course, we didn’t find out until 9:30 tonight. We had a message on our voice mail from a friend of Kathy’s grandparents who hadn’t been able to reach them by phone today. So Kathy called her grandfather and got the scoop. And once again, we’re “Johnny on the Spot”–Kathy’s parents are on their way to Austria as we speak, having left the evening. They have no idea any of this has happened.

And I’m off to bed; could be a long day tomorrow.



I just love electronic medical records!

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Electronic medical records definitely speed things up; like, say, exposure of patient health information.

Don’t get me wrong. I think electronic medical information is, in general, a Martha-Stewart-style Good Thing™. When I travel to Colorado Springs and do something boneheaded, it would be mighty useful for the folks in Erica’s ED to have access to my medical records back here outside the District. The problem is limiting the access to those folks, and only for as long as they need it.


18 Body Tricks

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body from Men’s Health (via the [non]billable hour)


The silver lining

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I did get a bit of good news as a result of my friend’s misfortune. Another college friend, a Captain in the Army stationed in (where else?) Iraq, responded to the group email about the bad news.

Great to hear he’s ok; awful that a tumor triggered it.


Good thoughts to spare?

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I know someone who could use them. A friend from college, a year younger than me, was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a tumor on his brain the size of lemon. No idea as to malignancy. Operation is tomorrow at 0700.

If you can spare some good vibes, send ’em his way.

2006.06.29, 1549 EDT: Well, he’s out of surgery. Doctors were able to remove 85% of the tumor. Unfortunately, it is malignant, so he’ll have to start rounds of chemo and/or radiation.

Keep those thoughts coming.

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