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Oxygen is bad for you

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At least, it appears to be if you’ve had a massive heart attack.



If you take statins…

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and experience muscle or stomach pain–call your doctor! Kathy’s grandmother is in the hospital tonight. She was scheduled for an MRI in an attempt to diagnosis some severe stomach pain she’d been having; she never got the MRI. She woke up with severe cramping in her arm and leg. Initially the docs thought stroke but now they’re not so sure.

Of course, we didn’t find out until 9:30 tonight. We had a message on our voice mail from a friend of Kathy’s grandparents who hadn’t been able to reach them by phone today. So Kathy called her grandfather and got the scoop. And once again, we’re “Johnny on the Spot”–Kathy’s parents are on their way to Austria as we speak, having left the evening. They have no idea any of this has happened.

And I’m off to bed; could be a long day tomorrow.


Cows in the hospital

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The Scobleizer describes Stanford University Hospital’s “cows”. Really, they’re mobile patient record access points, networked via WiFi, running Windows XP.

Generally, I’m cool with the idea; less handwriting is a good thing, as is more immediate access to changes in patient information. I am curious whether or not the computers are susceptible to the WiFi crack demonstrated at this year’s BlackHat conference.

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