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I could seriously use this

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At around 2.1 m (6’2″), I’m not abnormally tall, but this sure would come in handy. When I’m first at a light, I’m pretty much always craning my neck to see the green.



My kindgom for volume control…

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on headphones for in-vehicle entertainment systems. OK, that’s a little much. I wouldn’t give even my paltry kingdom (which is more of a fiefdom, truth be told) for it.

What I’d like is a way to prevent the elder boy from turning up the volume on the wireless headphones we have in the grocery-getter. I can think of a few approaches:

  • Put a cover or lid over the volume control, so it can’t be ‘accidentally’ adjusted.
  • Build a volume control into the front console; the (supposedly) responsible parties in the front could then limit just how loud the headphones could go.
  • Allow the IR to reach into the forward cab, so the passenger in front could take a listen to a set of headphones from the front seat in order to adjust the volume, instead of making chiropractors drool with the contortions necessary to get the headphones into a position where they can receive sound.

The headphones do have a pretty cool feature, though. Instead of a power button, they turn off when folded flat for storage and on when opened for use. Keeps battery use down quite a bit.

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