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Mmmm, acidic water…

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This will stick in Bookman’s craw….

Looks like a little spill happened outside the old hometown. I believe the Agrium plant was at one time owned by Evergreen Resources, Nu-West, and Becker. If the berm is the one I think it is, the affected land may have been my dad’s once upon a time.

If so, it wouldn’t be the first time there’s been a spill there. There was one in the late 1970s that ruined our pick up and some of our equipment. It also left the ground there susceptible to saturation; we had to have a tractor pulled out more than once after getting stuck.



I must be nucking futs.

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I’m not going into details. Suffice it to say I may have started something this weekend that will generate a metric buttload of work for me and my lovely wife over the next few months.

Absolutely nucking futs.


How would you like to have this for a hometown?

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I’d be petitioning for a new name too.


Light a candle

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Happy Hannukah. Enjoy the holiday.


Do you deal with me?

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Or someone like me on a regular basis. If so, please read this.

And: sssshhhhhh

Note to self

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The transition from “awfully sedentary” to “Tae Kwon Do class” is harsh. Try not to repeat the experience.


Happy Birthday

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…to the littlest K.C., turning the big 1 today. Still can’t believe he’s been around for 365 days….


Things kids say…

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One of the best things about having kids is hearing what comes out of their mouths. Over the past little while, the eldest (1.5 months shy of his fifth birthday) has offered the following:

  • “I can totally see my breath!”
  • “Oh dear!” — the new exclamation of nervousness and/or anticipation.
  • “It’s 40-hundred cold!” — “40” being his cute four-year-old equivalent of “a metric shitload”.

Some of his historical gems include:

  • “hepitower” — helicopter
  • “alotalot” — a lot; replaced by “40” above.

But this pretty much takes the cake.


To my wife…

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We met 14 years ago today. And while the date is now bittersweet I have no regrets.

We’ve laughed; we’ve cried. We’ve rejoiced; we’ve mourned.

I can’t imagine living it with anyone but you.


Time to re-write some US history

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I was listening to the news on the radio the other day and heard some audio clips of General Casey, US commander on the ground in Iraq, explaining why Iraq isn’t currently in a civil war. I’m paraphrasing, but the gist of it was:

  1. The Iraqi government isn’t calling it a civil war.
  2. The Iraqi government is still functioning.
  3. The Iraqi military is still taking orders from the Iraqi government.

Now, let’s stipulate the last two are more, rather than less, true. I realized we have to rewrite US history books. After all, the federal government was still functioning and the military still taking orders from them in the US Civil War.

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